Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam


Offerings can be directly deposited into the Temple Hundi, still if that is not possible due to the nature of your offerings, they can be handed over to the Temple Staff at the Thulabharam, and the receipt for the same can be obtained immediately.


One of the most important vows taken to propitiate Lord Ranganathaswamy is to perform “Thulabharam” i.e. donating various items such as turmeric, rice, dhal, coins, sugar, rice, jaggery, sugar candy, etc to the equivalent weight of the devotee. Pilgrims reaches the Thulabharam counter near Thirukkottaram (Granery) , there he can perform the Thulabharam as per his wish. The determined price equivalent to the weight of the item will be collected from the pilgrim and a receipt for the same will be issued immediately by the staff in-charge. The pilgrims may also carry the item from their place to perform Thulabaram.

For further details please contact Temple Administration.